Senior Information


Mr/Miss MHS - Dylan Maldonado & Alayna Russell

Most Christlike - Connor Smith & Alayna Russell

Most likely to Succeed - Dylan Maldonado & Zy Villanueava

Most likely to make a difference in the world - Casey Nielsen & Zy Villanueva

Biggest Flirts - Joe Williams & Niya James

Class Clowns - Joe Williams & Niya James

Most School Spirit - Kolby Poindexter & Pearl Williams

Best Dressed - Kolby Poindexter & Colleen Case

Most likely to win a dance battle - Dekota Huber & Harley Whitman

Most likely to tell you what they think - Tae Gayden & Harley Whitman

Most Athletic - Tae Gayden & Morgan Cruse

Most likely to be a real life super hero - Travis Murphy & Morgan Cruse

Most Talented - Travis Murphy & Taylor Allen

Most likely to slip on a banana peel - Corey Kennedy & Arrah Darling

Most likely to be everyone's friend - Corey Kennedy & Brittany Buchanan

Most likely to be the human version of a High Five - Jed Franks & Ashley Thompson

Most likely to Sleep through an Earthquake - Chase Underwood & Kasey Wyatt


Seniors & Senior Parents:

This year will go by quicker than you think and will be a roller coaster of emotions.  To help you stay up to date on everything that you need to know as a senior, come to this page to find information and documents you need. If you do not find it here, then go to the appropriate faculty member for help.  We hope you have a fantastic senior year at MHS!


  • Senior Portraits will be taken on August 14th in the high school gym.  Click here for more information.
  • Don't forget to buy your senior yearbook! You can buy it online @ or order at school with this form.
  • Parents, if you plan to order space in the back of the yearbook for special recognition of your senior, it is strongly encouraged to order both the space and yearbook at the same time. Too often, a space is bought and the parent/senior forgets to buy their yearbook.  Space is limited for senior recognition and is sold on a first come first serve basis. To secure the space for your senior, full payment, template choice, the page message, and most of the pictures are due at the time of purchase. All will be returned to you if this requirement is not met and there will be no spaces held for anyone. It is understood that senior pictures are sometimes not taken until late in the year, so we will wait to send the pages to the printer until later in the year, however the yearbook staff needs everything else to complete the space as much as possible before Thanksgiving Break. The staff needs time to upload pictures, create the page, be graded for their work, get the approval of the buyer, and make necessary changes. They cannot wait until the last minute to get what they need. Even though this is the latest the staff will accept payment and pictures, waiting too long is not recommended because spaces go quickly for the number of pages allotted to senior recognition.  To order a senior recognition space, turn this form into Mrs. Bryan with everything required.
  • SENIOR PORTRAIT MAKE-UPS: OCTOBER 22nd - $20 sitting fee (even if you're re-doing them) - Clink the link in the first bullet for more information.