Blood Drives



Mangham High School host 4 blood drives a year with Lifeshare Blood Center. They send mobile units that parks outside the school.  Students sign up and register for blood drives online each time they wish to donate. 

Schedule a Blood Donation

Height/Weight Requirements:

Males must at least be 4'10" tall and weigh at least 111 lbs.

Females: If you weigh at least 110 lbs but are shorter than 5'5", please refer to this chart:

Females who are: 4'10" 4'11" 5' 5'1 5'2" 5'3" 5'4"
Must weigh @ least 139 135 131 126 122 117 113


On the day of donation:

16 year olds must turn in a Minor Donor Permit form signed by their parent and bring a picture ID.

17+ year olds must have their picture ID. 

Everyone is encouraged to eat breakfast and lunch the day of donation.

Also, those who have a history of anemia should prepare by taking supplements or eating an iron enriched diet.


Honor Cords & Scholarship Opportunity

All graduates who have donated blood six times during their high school career will receive red/green honor cords to wear at the graduation ceremony.

One graduate who has given these six times will be chosen to receive a scholarship from LIfeshare.


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