Blood Drives

NEXT BLOOD DRIVE: October 2, 2019

                                 December 4, 2019

                                 January 29, 2019

                                 March 31, 2019


Students should make sure they are eating their daily requirement of iron well before you donate blood.  You should also eat before and after you donate.

Mangham High School host 4 blood drives a year with Lifeshare Blood Center. They send mobile units that parks outside the school.  Students sign up and register for blood drives online each time they wish to donate. 

Schedule a Blood Donation

Height/Weight Requirements:

Males must at least be 4'10" tall and weigh at least 111 lbs.

Females: If you weigh at least 110 lbs but are shorter than 5'5", please refer to this chart:

Females who are: 4'10" 4'11" 5' 5'1 5'2" 5'3" 5'4"
Must weigh @ least 139 135 131 126 122 117 113


On the day of donation:

16 year olds must turn in a Minor Donor Permit form signed by their parent and bring a picture ID.

17+ year olds must have their picture ID. 

Everyone is encouraged to eat breakfast and lunch the day of donation.

Also, those who have a history of anemia should prepare by taking supplements or eating an iron enriched diet.


Honor Cords & Scholarship Opportunity

All graduates who have donated blood six times during their high school career will receive red/green honor cords to wear at the graduation ceremony.

One graduate who has given these six times will be chosen to receive a scholarship from LIfeshare.


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