Mangham High School Announcements

Morning Announcements - May 14, 2019


  • Seat time is posted on the walls.  The dates available include May 16 & 17th 7:30-3:30 that will count for 7 hours each day. If you ride the bus and have to leave at 12, it will only count for 4 hours each day.  These two days will be at NO COST due to it being a regular school day.  Summer seat time dates available are May 20-June 7, excluding Memorial Day.  It will be from 9-12 each day and will cost $10 per day. Students not making up their seat time WILL NOT receive any credits for this school year.
  • Students need to start cleaning out their lockers today, but not until make-up testing is over. We will make an announcement when testing is over. 
  • Students, you must go to the class you are assigned to go to and get permimssion before being anywhere else.  Teachers, make sure you know where your students are.
  • We are really having hotdogs and fries for lunch today.
Remember that our mission statement is Dragons Reaching Academic Goals obtaining new successes.



Future Announcements




Past announcements:

  • Class 2A Regionals results:

          Chapman Bazer, 2nd place in discus; Bro'derica Hicks, 2nd place in long jump and 2nd place in triple jump; Nya James, 3rd in 100m hurdles and                  300m hurdles; T'Aira Haynes, 2nd in 300m hurdles, Latoya Johnson, 3rd in 200m dash, Janiya Colvin, 1st in 400m run; Relay team (Latoya, T'Aira,                Nya, and Janiya) placed 3rd in 800m relay and placed 1st in 1600m relay.  

          The girls track and field team were named Class AA Regional runner-ups. The above student athletes will compete May 3rd at State competition              at LSU.

The following students for merited an honors ranking on the National Spanish Exams: Luke Gibson, Isaiah Thigpen, Chapman Bazer, Darium Clark, and Zy Climaco. Also, two students placed at the state literary rally: Adam Benoit, 2nd place, Agriscience III; Luke Gibson, 2nd place, Civics.
Congratulations to all of these students for representing Mangham at the state and national levels.

Class Officers:

Freshmen - President: Luke Gibson, Vice  President: Ainsley Twiner, Secretary: Brooke Purdy, Reporter: Klayton Habetz

Sophomores - President: Dylan Maldonado, VP: Connor Smith, Secretary: Ashley Thompson, Reporter: Abigail Chevalier

Juniors - President: Demetrius Bell, VP: Payton Stovall, Secretary: Blake Felter, Treasurer: Abby Pruitt, Reporter: Madison Thomas

Seniors - President: Annaliese Russell, VP: Daniel Harwell, Secretary: Avery Adams, Reporter: Stephanie Wilmore


2018-19 4-H Officers

President - Adriana McGhee
Vice President - Andrenetta Washington
Secretary/Treasurer - Ashley Thompson
Reporter - Jamel Bolden
Photographers - Morgan Cruse and Adasha Killion

Students, you are reminded that besides your lunch, you should not be bringing food and drinks to school. The backpack rule will be enforced starting today. Backpacks must be left in the locker. You must wait until the first bell has rang to go to your lockers and unless you are an athlete going to the fieldhouse, you must wait until the end of school to get your backpack.  Leggings also are not permitted unless you are wearing a dress that is 2 inches above the knee or longer. Jeans with holes revealing skin are not permitted either.
Teachers, please be at your duty position on time and monitor students at all time and remember to do your absentee before 8:00. Also, teachers, when you are filling out your tardies, place the students' first and last name on the pink slip. Don't just attach the purple slip.
All students taking Edgenuity classes must have a pair of ear buds and a composition notebook. No earphones.
Earrings are only to be worn in the ears. Nose rings are not to be worn. If students refuse to take it out, send them to office.


Students, please remember that when you arrive to school, you are not to hang around in the parking lot. You are to go immediately to the courtyard. Also, for teachers and students, please do not back up into your parking spot. This is a safety precaution and those who cannot follow the rules of the parking lot will receive discipline measures.  Also, the parking lot is not for pick up or drop off. Parents should pick up and drop off students on the shoulder.

Teachers be consistent marking tardies every hour.

Freshmen who are going to lunch on the first lunch should go immediately to the lunchroom when the end of 4th period bell rings. Do not go anywhere else first.

Take pride in your school - throw trash in the trashcans and not on the ground. Also, you are not to have food or drinks in the classroom.

Students, you must keep your locker locked at all times.  If it is not locked, it will be locked by an adult.  This is to prevent theft and others from placing illegal substances in your lockers without your knowledge, because you will be the one held accountable for anything found in your lockers.

Students, food and drinks are prohibited.  Students may not take food out of the cafeteria. Teachers, please help to enforce this rule.